halocene just wont die official music video

Halocene – Just Won’t Die (Official Music Video)

Halocene – Just Won’t Die (Official Music Video)

Written by: Addie Amick, Bradley Amick, Gabriel Borza
Produced, Mixed, Mastered by: Bradley Amick
Directed by: Addie Amick
Edited by: Lance Gergar
DP/Cam Op/Gaffer: Chris Haggerty
PA/Social Media: Georgia Hutton of Peanut Butter Friends

Sennheiser (Live microphones, in-ear-monitors, headphones)
PreSonus Audio (192/Quantum Audio Interfaces, DAW)
Neumann u87 (Main studio vocal microphone)
ErnieBall (Accessories, MusicMan Guitar)
Reason Studios (DAW)
Line 6 (Helix/Guitar Tones)
Mapex (Acoustic Drums)
Field Electronic Drums

You can try to kill me
Trust me I’ve tried
Stop throwing stones
And start throwing knives
You can try to kill me
Trust me I’ve tried
Your hate for me
Has nothing on mine
(Just won’t die)

Throw down your social gavel (to sentence me)
Verdict; fame and fortune (and misery)
But you should know that not guilty (is how I plead)
My referee, behind a screen

So scream your musings, your shallow blows
But there’s a few things that you should know

A child of isolation
No father to guide
Survived lethal sensations
And still I am alive
Euthanasia by shaming
On your mountain of pride
I have wished for the same thing
God knows I’ve tried
(Just won’t die)

Their eyes are full of loathing (don’t be yourself)
These sins I wear on my sleeve (you’ll burn in hell)
But fire and pain is what made me (and it made me well)
Don’t need your help, keep to yourself

So scream your musings, it’s all for show
I’ll live out my dreams, you’ll die alone

You can try to kill me
Thousands have tried
If karma is real
Then I’ll be just fine