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Hall Aflame – “Ripcord” (Official Video)

Hall Aflame “Ripcord” Official Video from the album “Amplifire”

Directed by Rick Moyer, Moyer Multi Media
Crew:Filmed, produced and edited by Rick Moyer, Moyer Multi Media, Aberdeen WA with input from Hall Aflame Filmed in Shelton WA at Skydive Kapowsin
Amy Moyer- Assistant to Rick, snacks & make up – Emma Bradford- Production assistant – Robb Bates- Audio Technician Special thanks to: Skydive Kapowsin
skydiver who took the footage in the air over Shelton. Harbor Tool Rentals and Ron Harless of Guitar Galactica

Losing sleep losing hearing and sight
I need a grip on something I can trust…it just isn’t there anymore
Following springtime summer is fine
You can have fall dear, December will be mine…can’t pretend anymore

Pull on the ripcord before the disaster
Free falling deep dive – time’s not your friend
Standing in my shoes now what would you do?
You can see thru me but I can’t see thru you

Body is hurtin’… mind’s quietly lost
One single moment, every thought is gone…one memory at a time
She danced on our first meet and blew me away…slowly dissolving
Like a hangover leaves you blind….I’m starting to lose my mind

Chorus – I can’t see thru you (repeat) – Lead – Chorus

Following daylight, in comes the night
dreaming of times when I won’t turn to rust
I gotta get out of the rain yea
I can’t see thru you (repeat)
Pull on the ripcord before the disaster (repeat)