grymheart hellbent horde lyric video

GRYMHEART – Hellbent Horde (Lyric Video)

GRYMHEART – Hellbent Horde (Lyric Video)

Music & lyrics by Gabriel Blacksmith
Published by Scarlet Records Srl
Video by Ygor


Centuries in the ever dark
Hiding far from the burning sun
Shadows cover them from the light
Till the start of faithful night

They must live with this ancient fate
Like a ghost from the land of hate
They have to feel it forevermore
This is what they’re living for

When the twilight is falling down
They are called for a hunting run
There is no one who can keep ward
Humans fear their hellbent horde

They are one in the darkest night
Hunting with their killing bite
A thousand years in this endless war
Blood is life and they want more

Fear the force of darkness when the time is coming
Don’t wait for your death of mortal soul
They can live forever and their might is growing
But the curse holds them enthralled

Choose the light with mortality
Or the dark for eternity

They are one, the only one
They are one in the darkest night
They are one, the only one
They are one in the eternal fight

Hellbent horde
Hellbent horde

Gabriel Blacksmith – guitar, vocals
Dargor Rivgahr – guitar
V’arhel – bass
Sorin Nalaar – drums