tempt golden tongue official video

Golden Tongue – (Official Video)

Tempt – Golden Tongue (Official Video)

Music: Golden Tongue From the self-titled album by TEMPT
In Memory of Steve Strange and Malcolm Dome

Zach Allen
Harrison Marcello
Nicholas Burrows
Christopher Gooden
Produced by Harrison and Chris Lord-Alge
Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge
Composed by: Allen, Burrows, Marcello
Label: Better Noise Music

Shot on Location in Antilla
Produced by Sticky 360
Producer: John Trumbull/Sticky 360
Virtual Art Director & Production Designer: Nikola Drvoshanov
Realtime Visual Effects: Nikola Drvoshanov
Director: Daniel Marracino
Editor: Jean Hill/Sticky 360
Art Direction: John Trumbull/Eric Steinhauser
Director of Photography: Seana Rogavin
Steadicam Operator: Lizardo Reyes
Colorist: Paul Harrison
First AC: Erik Ljungholm
Produced by Harrison Marcello and Chris Lord-Alge
Special Thanks Studio Lab, Derry NH
Director of Virtual Production: Ian Messina
Disguise Operator: Blake Propst
Jib Operator: Patt Dun
Director Studio Lab: Benjamin Davis
PA/BTS Camera 1: Chris Golub
PA/BTS Camera 2: Konrad Marracino
Makeup Artist: Alyssa McKenzie
Filmed in 8K with the Sony Venice 2 and Canon CN-E Cinema


I see you staring
And I never got this feeling before
I’m just too crazy
Cause I know you’re gonna give me more

The way you look at me with those eyes
Can’t wait for you to find what’s inside
The way you look at me with
those eyes
So sit me back yeah keep it goin’ blow my mind

We’re seein stars tonight
She’s such a good girl
Workin overtime oooohhh
Think I’ve seen the light
She’s such a bad girl
All in tonight yeah
With her golden tongue
With her golden tongue

Don’t stop it
You got this
I’m confident you’ve done it before
I’m feelin
Like I’ve been paralyzed
We got a problem now
You want it, you want it, too much

I’m gonna get you all the way (3x)

she’s such a good girl
Ahhh she’s such a bad girl