dogstar glimmer official lyric video

Glimmer – (Official Lyric Video)

Director: Nate Merritt
Producer: Josh Richman

Glimmer lyrics:

Deep in the night – is it wrong is it right – to wonder
Here as I lay – something missing everyday – I wonder
Do they hold you the way that I could hold you
In my mind you still lay by my side
In my mind nothing hurts
In my mind –

(But) then tonight – a glimmer of you – graced my eyes
From the stage in a crowded room
Then the shadows swallowed you up
As the lights changed and abandoned you

Are you at home – sitting alone – I’m on your mind
That’s what I see – what these tired eyes need to see
To survive –
Does he hold you the way I used to hold you
In my mind you come home to me
In my mind you’re still mine
In my mind you’re still here tonight