furor gallico birth of the sun official video

FUROR GALLICO – Birth of the Sun (Official Video)

Produced by Gabriel Consiglio
Mixed by Federico Ascari
Mastered by Jens Bogren
Published by Scarlet Records Srl

Video directed by Raoul Noise at Nova Rolfilm Studios


As my time approaches near
Winds blow my days away
The water lies so still and clear
A mirror to reflect my deeds
Of yesteryear long gone

Beyond these silent hills
I can’t reach my fate yet
Through this clouded glass
I see my pale visage caught in
This existence

Now I know
There’s a shadow upon my soul
Though old now I am
Still I cherish all my dreams unsaid

I ran away from darkness
That always veiled my heart
Gone is the curtain of my sorrow
A tearless smile, I wave goodbye
To what I leave behind

Now I know
There were shadows upon my soul
Though old now I am
Still I cherish all my dreams unsaid
Now I know
No more mist is upon my soul
I’ll no longer falter
A life seen with eyes wide open

The world awakes in golden rays
Golden rays of light
The fear I’ve left behind
Now the unknown is my domain

I have known
Every shadow upon my soul
Now they’re gone
And old now I am
A new sun shall be born again

Davide Cicalese – main vocals
Gabriel Consiglio – guitars and vocals
Marco Ballabio – bass
Becky Rossi – celtic harp
Massimo Volontè – whistles and bouzouki
Mirko Fustinoni – drums

additional members:
Valentina Pucci – female vocals
Riccardo Brumat – violin and orchestrations