torture squad flukeman official video

Flukeman – (Official Video)

Torture Squad is:
Mayara Puertas – Vocals / Keyboards
Rene Simionato – Guitar
Castor – Bass
Amilcar Christófaro – Drums
Credits and crew:
Music Video Produced, directed and edited by Eric Luchini
Camera : Eric Luchini and Leonardo Marques Teixeira
Gustavo Manso as “Flukeman”
Special guests: Rogério Fernandes and Rita Magno
Makeup Effects (Flukeman) : Roger Matua
Makeup Effects (Amilcar) : Fernanda Mattiello
Production assistant: Fernanda Mattiello
Filmed at Creative 1175 Studios
Song credits:
Produced by Torture Squad and Diego Rocha
Recorded and mixed by Diego Rocha at Bay Area Estudios
Mastering by Martin Furia