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Fallen Angel – Official Live Video

Performed live and filmed at the Sion Sous Les Etoiles festival in Switzerland and Guitare En Scène festival in France (Summer 2022).


See the girl that sits on a throne
Her daddy bought everything she owns
She’s the top of the heap, cream of the hill
Spends your money and you pay the bill

She gets her way now
It’s hard for her to lose
But baby, someday you’ll be down below
Payin’ your dues

Fallen angel
Fallen angel

The rule of love is give and take
Now you’ll see whose heart you’re going to break
So used to havin’ everything
But someday, babe, you’re going to lose your precious wings

You’re flyin’ high
But soon you’re comin’ down
Who’s going to be there
When you hit the ground?

Fallen angel
Fallen angel

We all know heaven holds a place for you
But that was a long, long time ago
And now it seems that all your broken dreams
Holds a place for you, saves a place down below

yes, yes, yes

Fallen angel
Fallen angel
Fallen angel
Fall, fallen angel
Fallen angel

Armand « Mandy » Meyer – Guitars
Ronnie Romero – Vocals
Patrick Aeby – Drums
Tony « TC » Castell – Bass
Alan Guy – Keys