johnny the boy endlessly senseless official visualiser 2023

Endlessly Senseless (official visualiser) 2023

Video by Guilherme Henriques

Belinda – Vokillz
Justin Greaves – Guiterrorist & Drumbs
Matt Crawford – Bass Avalanche

Endlessly senseless unforgiving
Tainted by numbers
Rise rise
The sickness is spreading
Be aware fools venom descending
The flawed the broken
Rigid hearts lack emotion
The goodness is fading
Crushed overrun there for the taking


Tainted outnumbered
Endlessly senseless
The flawed the broken
Rigid hearts avoid emotion

Endlessly senseless
Endlessly endless
Endlessly endless

Disturbing ways by the unkind
Hard to hang on to a positive mind
Where did it all go so wrong
Overpowering sick of it all