dvne pleroma official video

DVNE – Pleroma (Official Video)

DVNE – Pleroma (Official Video)

Music video Staff
Directed by Victor Vicart
Director of photography : Just-A. Meissonnier
Video Editing & Colouring: Daniel Barter
Actors: “Zealot Leader” – Mason Tait; “Zealot Followers” – Daniel Barter & Alexandros Keros
Costumes & Props design: Alexandros Keros & Victor Vicart
Masks design: Jason Corbett
Light Design: Sam Jones

Generations journey reach the hallowed end.
Suspended water, plasma of the sacrament.
The Black key of the veil.
The black path of water bridges transcendency.

Corporeal constraints.
Corporeal shedding.

Cimerian weeping caught in tired chaliced hands.
Disciples parched lips, imbibe sable revered essence.
With dried throats consumed to expand, into divine command.

Ethereal vision’s dawn.
Ethereal Inception.

Seeing through hidden screens,
Woven branches undulate.
Weaves of crystal replicate.