dogstar breach official video

Breach – (Official Video)

Director / Producer: Josh Oreck
Editors: Bateman Lewis, Daniel Clark
Coproducers: Jason Hazzard and Max Berry
Production Manager: Kennedy Goolsby
Director of Photography: Wey Wang
Production Designer / Environments; Ivan Hurzeler
Environments: Emir Cerman / ROTU Entertainment, Alex Coppedge, Charles Logan, Hussien Shalaan
Colorist: Zack Blomquist
Roadies: German Cisneros, George Martinez, Luka Yetter, William Oreck
Sound: Lamps Lampadinha
Glam: Grace Lee
Gaffer: Ilya Chegodar
Utility Grip; Micah Goldfarb
1st AC: Joe Cheung
C Cam Op: Mannon Butt
B Cam Op: Justin Hamilton
BTS Cam: Matty Sidle

Special Thanks: Kim Libreri and Epic Games

Breach lyrics:

Once you love me – I’ll take it from you
All you hold dear – time don’t mean nothin here
Do you see me – know how I play this
Nothing shakes you – rattles or breaks you
And everything you want – it lies there just beyond your reach – but you’re pushing hard enough to breach
Endless talking – your case made for walking
When night comes – you’ll stay and I’ll have it my way
And all the things you want – I’ll take and soak them all in bleach – but you’re pushing hard enough to breach

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