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NONO (Official Music Video)

VIDEO BY: Gabriel Andre, Dakota Millett, James Shuman

Watch what you speak
Walls getting thinner
And my bones are weak

I’m a wretch I’m a sinner
I’m complete with seed
Take all my synapse, suffocation
Please don’t let me breathe
I’m a mess I’m just bitter
I don’t want to be
Pull out the needles, inclination
Please don’t let me see

There’s a rat in my walls
He looks at me when we crawl
Drawing circles with my sighs through it all
He can chew what remains
Beneath the blood and the stains
Pulling teeth just to feel that old

I’ve got some poison flowing in these veins
Repeat it back but your faces all look the same
I’ve got some heavy hands around my throat
Watch me sink till the light comes and cuts my hope
It’s all dead here

Only break only bend
Underneath my sheets
A cold sweat diluted intrude by sympathy
A gaping hole I’ll fold
It’s all thats left of me
A place to bury where a heart couldn’t be

I’m no martyr I’m no saint so we serpentine
Around conclusion, illusion can eat the guilt between
A dead soul, I’ve paid the toll
As you can see
So lay me down to float

F*** everybody
Put it on my grave
I haven’t been the same
Since you screamed my name
Stuck in my ways
All I feel is pain
Still can’t sleep it just lasts for days