darkend an ancient plague has silently worn our garments as its throne official video

Darkend – An Ancient Plague Has Silently Worn Our Garments As Its Throne (Official Video)

First single from the upcoming album “Viaticum” to be released on June 14th 2024 via Time To Kill Records.

About the song:
“The Light of Consciousness shines on a recurrent form of spiritual pestilence, contaminating the inner world and, consequentially, every shape inhabiting the outer world. When illuminated, what once operated as a form of destroying sickness mutates into a propulsive stream of elevating energy. ‘An Ancient Plague Has Silently Worn Our Garments As Its Throne’ is a haunting picturization of this process. A covenant between suffocating darkness and the radiant gleams of its sublimation, melted in an hypnotic continuum of incorporeal tension.
With lyrics and vocal lines courtesy of Animæ, the core riffs of the song has been penned by Nothingness before him and the band parted ways, while the blazing guitar solo and the harmonized melodic guitars in the middle section serve as an introduction to our new guitarist Acamar. As a circle completes, Darkend would like to dedicate this first single out of ‘Viaticum’ to Nothingness himself: to his memory and to his legacy”.

About the album:
“Viaticum” flows out from the Sacred Spaciousness beyond duality, enshrouding its Silent Nature with the voice of ancient ceremonial chants, dungeon synth ambience and sulphur riffs engraved on arcane metal patterns. Combining shades that span from Mercyful Fate to Dissection (“An Incautious Exhumation Of What Lies Beneath Forgotten Ground”) and from Dead Can Dance (“In Your Multitude”) to Arvo Pärt (“In My Multitude”), the album enlightens an immersive and cathartic pathway towards the deepest hidden fields of who we really are.

DARKEND is the band fronted by Animae (also guest vocalist for GAAHL’S WYRD on various European festivals & venues).

After rather humble beginnings mostly inspired by orchestral extreme metal, DARKEND developed a quite peculiar artistic style blending black metal patterns, ritual ambience, dark classic metal riffs and solos in the vein of Mercyful Fate/Angel Witch and a ritualistic, hypnotic vibe explicitly created in order to generate a deep sonic & spiritual transcendence.