grand 22crash and burn22 official music video

Crash and Burn – Official Music Video

Oh I drive through the night
Though I should be heading on home
But I lose every fight
Every time I try to move on

And I know that this love isnt good for me
But cant seem to pull the plug
I will probably end up in misery
But I cant get out of it

There’s nothing I can do I caught the tiger by the tail
No theres nothing I can do
Either way it goes I know desire will prevail
I give up

Cause every time I try to run I crash and burn
Youre loves so bittersweet
No matter what I say or do I bounce back to you
I know that its impossible To kill this love
And I never seem to learn
That every time I try to run I always crash and burn

I always crash and burn
Oh I make up my mind
Say Ill keep away from your heart
Then you call in the night
and im running back into your arms

This game you play isnt what I need
But Im too weak to fight back
I stand on the brink of insanity
And I cant get out of it

There!s no way out Lost in your maze
Losing ground Drown in your eyes

Band members:-
Mattias Olofsson
Jakob Svensson
Anton Martinez Matz