stitched up heart conquer divide

Conquer & Divide

Directed By: Tony Aguilara Label: Century Media Family Management : Powerline Sponsored by: Monster Energy Produced and Mixed by: Mitchell Marlow Lyrics: You sit behind your walls You’re living in a madhouse Treat us like animals You’re safe until the blackout They call us radicals But you’re the ones that eavesdrop We need an antidote To make your fucking heart stop They Conquer & Divide This isn’t a test no It’s certain suicide Engraved in our tombstone You won’t erase my mind Mind, look in my eyes The worlds on the brink of a heavy decline It certain suicide You’re sicker than the wolves You’re teeth lock as they bite down Are we the animals You bleed our fucking veins out We’ve reached the pentacle We’re breakin down the system The final episode We are the resistance

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