w.e.b. colosseum official video


Filmed by Chris Doulgerakis & Dimitris Marinis
Edited by Chris Doulgerakis
Thumbnail photo: Mr.Stoub Photographie

Here we lay in ruins.
Enslaved by your own selves
To quench your thirst for blood.
To feed your wishful greed.
Welcome to Colosseum

We are, Draining our life
For the sake of the throng
Sacrifice the slaves to the dames
We are forged to slay.
To please the eyes of decay

Disdain scars our flesh. WE stand tall.
Baptize these sands. Spare or kill.
We lay as wounded pray. We stand tall.
Longing for your call.

Raising the whip on the feeble.
Raping their flesh like filth.
Vermin whores, we scorn you.
On your graves we sneer.
You shall meet your fall
We riot. Obsidian knife storm. Chains broken. The empire falls
And as we dominate your life in our hands. The question we starve to call…
Are we seeing God in your arms?

Sakis Prekas – guitars, vocals
Hel Pyre – bass, vocals
Sextus A. Maximus – lead guitars
Nikitas Mandolas – drums