alkaloid clusterfuck official video 2023

Clusterfuck – (official video)

Morean – guitars, vocals
Christian Münzner – guitars
Linus Klausenitzer – bass
Hannes Grossmann – drums

Recording Studio: Mordor Sounds, Nürnberg, Germany.

Producer: Sara Robalo

Recording & mixing: Hannes Grossmann

Mastering: Alan Douches at West West Side Music studio in Hudson Valley, NY.


Why should we reach for the sky
Why bother at all
The odds are never good
So why

Set yourself up for greatness
Block out every flaw
Lie away every incoherence
Declare yourself the law

But then again –
Are we but amoebas
That tread the mill of time?
No way to Shangri-La
Unless you start to climb

Raise cathedrals for man
Tear them down in disgust
Not because we can
But because we must

Raising Eden from dust
Since our downfall began
Not because we must
But because we can

All well and good
Project what’s missing
Unto your inadequate world
Make no mistake
You’re all alone
When the drama unfurls

Go ahead
Be a god
Then face the inevitable

Solo – Morean
Solo – Christian


All is dead

All for nothing

From the ashes of man
Crawls a god in disgust
Not because he can
But because he must

Raises temples of lust
Starts again without a plan
Not because he must
But because he can