Bury Tomorrow - 2023 - The Seventh Sun

The Seventh Sun

Lyrics – The Seventh Sun

Once you told me you were done with this Earth, I stripped it bare but the blood and the dirt.

We were born to destroy what remains.

From the shadows, we bring pain.

A broken image with a shattered face.

A child born to set the world ablaze.

Forgive me if I dont ask for your grace.

I am fear resolved.

Embrace our fate.

They say to know pain is to sever your soul.

Their hate salted the earth, no good can grow.

We are the children of the seventh sun.

Like those before us that we buried under.

Sick of the light, we are undone.

Hell has a meaning its delivered in hope.

Set the fire smother us in smoke.

Look to the sky, belief wont help you cope.

Denied, future by the throat.

Ignite, burn bright.

There’s fire in their eyes.

I felt the sun scorch me.

It dried the oceans, destroyed the trees.

We bring pain.

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