bury tomorrow boltcutter official video

Boltcutter (Official Video)

Bury Tomorrow - Boltcutter (Official Video)Lyrics – BoltcutterBoltcutterNo longer I can take it. No further have we gone. My apathy always greater, when your bitterness is concerned.Take over. Worn so thin from knowing. Imposer. They strip us down to nothing.Break free from the facade of their tyranny. Pull them down from their thrones of authority. Rise up and take back what you are owed. Listen now, we refuse to be controlledYou’ve lost your way. Shadows consuming. Losing the day. Cycle resuming.Boltcutter. Resistance smothered. Pale horse, we will no longer suffer. Pale horse rides, our world left in the gutter.Your words blur. Torn from sense or meaning. Self loather. Your grip on me is slipping.

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