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Bound To Your Whispers – (Official Music Video)

"Bound To Your Whispers" lyrics I'm begging for an escape To be in control again Silence the echo chamber in my brain I found solace in my loneliness There was a comfort in the calm You came in, you were a friend Someone I could confide in I’ll always be here I’ll keep you safe Distract you from all your pain I’m here to stay But you began to rot Leeched off all the things I’m not You found my fears, forced me to see You turned against me Let me in and I’ll relieve your fears What you've been thinking throughout all these years You won't need anybody else Don't reach out You don't need help Could you be everything I need? I let it fester, I let it grow That’s how I took control You made me replay All the things I said today The mistakes I have made I'm the one that they hate I’m at the root of your anxiety There’s not a world you exist without me You let me in and I confirmed your fears What you were thinking throughout all those years You won’t need anybody else Don't reach out You don’t need help Forever bound Me and you We'll always be Entwined in two Wrap your arms around my spirit Move me limb by limb This is all deserved Nothing more to life than being hurt I'm not here An empty shell Bound to your whispers Under your spell I have nothing left in me