fire rose blood on your hands official video


The official video "BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS" by Fire Rose Video produced by BOB-MEDIA Camera by Jörg Tochtenhagen & Jörg Scheuer Edit & Post Production by Jörg Scheuer Assistance by Klaus Kremer Vocals recorded by: Jean-Marc Viller Guitar & Bass recorded by: Janick Schaffner Orchestral & Keyboard recorded by: Janick Schaffner Drums recorded by: V.O Pulver Mixing & Mastering by: Thomas Plec Johansson Music by: Simon Giese, Janick Schaffner Lyrics by: Philipp Meier Philipp Meier: Vocals Simon Giese: Guitar, Backing Vocals Florian Giese: Guitar, Backing Vocals Janick Schaffner: Bass, Backing Vocals Simon Sutter: Drums Lyrics Way back in ancient Rome They deified an emperor Without knowing that he sold their trust for gold The first dictator in the world Estates stretched all over Europe Built on the back of millions of slaves He led millions of people to their death A country and its people bottomless He’ll sacrifice the life of all subjects The empire’s downfall’s here Look where have you gone What have you done Realize the time is over now Blood on your hands Pointless commands The shattered remnants of a nation Crying children broken tanks Homeless people scorched earth A land called Germany in nineteen forty-five The leader has poisoned his mind Hitler’s Youth change toys for guns The last battle for the reich has begun