rough justice backwards mask official music video


jimmy justice_ – Vocals
edwar mitage – Guitar / Vocals
earlreyntattoo – Guitar
hvgkybo – Bass
joshmlv – Drums

Video by Ollie Appleyard


Mounting a case with broken nails
Built to last, doomed to fail
Damned to fall in to the traps
That you laid for yourself
The truth hurts but sometimes it’s worth the pain

My eyes burn in the acid rain
My skin peels in the acid rain

Self-proclaimed paragon of truth and honesty
But what you preach and how you act don’t add up to me
Your act is built on authenticity
But you ain’t getting off that easily

You pay the price when it comes back around to you
Nothing worse than advice from those without a clue
Back and forth from the victim to the saviour role
You ain’t fooling me, your stories already been told
And it’s fucking getting old.

The revenge to be served is already cold
Keep doing exactly what you’re fucking told
Face me now and watch your feeble hand fold
Keep doing exactly what you’re fucking told

You’ve lost your voice
I revoke your right
You made a choice
You wronged a right
Left on the hill where you chose to die