axel rudi pell guardian angel official music video

Axel Rudi Pell – Guardian Angel (Official Music Video)

Taken from the upcoming studio album “Risen Symbol” – out June 14th, 2024

Video created by Ingo Spörl


We stand together
but now it‘s do or die
young hearts forever
sure no time to cry

We face the storm
The fate clouds the sky
would be safer in the swarm
with a blink of an eye

No time for prisoners, it’s just a hit and run
look at the villains loading their guns

Guardian Angel
you stand the test of time
Guardian Angel
in a world of crime
Guardian Angel
Life´s no pantomime
Guardian Angel
the fools don’t give a dime

Through darkness, we’ll transform
as destiny looms nigh
In the tempest we’ll stay warm
with courage, we’ll defy

With love we can’t deny
our hopes will touch the sky
as time goes swiftly by
our souls will never lie