cyhra ashlight official music video


Official music video for 'Ashlight', taken from the new album, 'The Vertigo Trigger'. CREDITS: Video directed by Patric Ullaeus and Jake E rEVOLVER FILM Staring: Jake E, Alexander Landenburg, Euge Valovirta, Marcus Sunesson, Jesper Strömblad Management: Adam Sewell for The Stereo Dynamite Music Company LYRICS: Wake Up - Get Ready You come alive from nothing and explode like a maroon Your parents praise your first step like you’re Armstrong on the moon And even if you question whats the reason of it all They say you've got a purpose yet you feel that you're a doll You learn to love life, balancing on thin ice, tell me what's my narrative You learn to fear life, Wait! Is there an end? Why can't there be alternatives? Catch me when I fall I’m about to drown I’m lost no solid ground Save me from my life You know I view the world through Ashlight Catch me in my pride How can I defy Blind leading the blind Truth that I deny You know I view the world through Ashlight Listen up Tell me why I’m here Hear me out Why we disappear Will echo til death do us part You say I love life, yet living out on thin ice,what do you really want from me You say I fear life, Wait! is there an end? why can't you get away from me Oh hello Never let me go Help me up guide me through the fall Open up my eyes to the ashlight Oh NOT NOW WHY WHY I Let me stay away from the ashlight

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