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AS THE SUN FALLS – “Aurora” (Official Video)

Taken from the new album “Kaamos”, out on May 3rd, 2024!

Prepare for an enchanting journey into the wintry realm as AS THE SUN FALLS unveils their latest single, “Aurora”, from the eagerly awaited album “Kaamos”. Crafted under the direction of Atte Santala and Jani Mikkänen, and produced by Atte Santala, this mesmerizing video premieres on April 12th, 2024, on YouTube and all major digital streaming platforms.

Set against the majestic backdrop of Nummela, Finland, the “Aurora” video promises to transport viewers into a realm of frosty twilight and haunting harmonies. Drawing inspiration from the mystical allure of the Finnish winter, the video captures the ethereal charm of the season, with snow-clad vistas and the captivating luminescence of the Arctic’s wintry glow.

With Atte Santala at the helm of editing, the video masterfully complements the evocative allure of the track, beckoning viewers on an enthralling expedition through the icy landscapes of Finland and the recesses of the soul.

As anticipation mounts for the release of their full album “Kaamos” on May 3rd, 2024, via Theogonia Records, the “Aurora” video offers a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic landscape that awaits. Fans of melodic death metal can anticipate an immersive odyssey that plunges into the depths of Finnish melancholy, as AS THE SUN FALLS extends an invitation to embrace the obscurity and immerse oneself in the profound melancholy of the North.

Prepare to be enraptured by the enchanting allure of “Aurora”. Experience the haunting beauty of this captivating single and stay tuned for the unveiling of the full album.