from ashes to new armageddon official music video

Armageddon (Official Music Video)

From Ashes To New – Hate Me Too Official Music Video

Director & Producer: JOSIAHx


What are we doing?
We’re burning everything we love for something stupid
It’s so confusing that we kill ourselves for what the news said
But maybe ruining our lives is part of being human
Or it’s just rooted in our evolution
No use in running from something that you can’t escape
It’s what you wanted
It’s in your f*cking blood you got a taste and now you love it
And now we’re staring in the face of our annihilation isolated Wide awake awaiting judgement

Lights out we welcome the darkness Black out our eyes and believe
We made a home for the heartless To run away from reality

Living in the madness
Covered in the ashes
It’s burning down there’s no way out And I don’t know where we’re headed Everything is broken
The sky is in the ocean
It’s burning down there’s no way out
The sun goes down and it’s armageddon

The destruction in motion we’re witnessing is related
We build explosive emotions and then we just detonate’em
We play roulette with full clips then we go to bed praying
Im f*cking losing my sh*t, there’s no solution, I hate it
I can’t take it
I feel I’m on the edge and I’m breaking
I’m f*cking bothered by the fact that the whole worlds decimated
I see the faces, the anguish as it burns to the ground
We chose our fate and it’s too late no there’s no turning back now

This is the end
This is the end so live it in the moment Lights out never feeling more alive
Stop pretending that you didn’t want it Light it up, burn it down, and say goodbye