april art not sorry acoustic official video

NOT SORRY (Acoustic) – Official Video

Official video for "NOT SORRY (Acoustic)" by April ArtCamera / Light: Sören Roth, Nick Bosch Edited by: Ben Juelg Color Correction by: Sören RothAudio Produced by Ben Juelg Co-Produced and arranged by April Art Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ben JuelgNOT SORRY is written by: April Art Lisa-Marie Watz – Vocals Chris Bunnell - Guitar Julian Schuetze – Bass Ben Juelg – DrumsLyrics by: Lisa-Marie WatzLyrics:I’m not sorryYou say that I'm a rude girl And my reputation precedes me I think you’re new to the game and you’re placing the blame But you don’t even know my nameYou say life is so unfair Everything yeah everywhere How can all of this only be my fault?I’m not sorry that I’m here You wanna see me falling But I don’t give a f*** ‘bout what you say I’m not sorry that I’m here No matter what you call me I'm like a nasty spike you can't get rid of meI’m not sorryYou say I'm making trouble, I’ve gotten too big for my boots but hey you have no idea what it feels like walking in my shoes Behind my back go ahead and tell your lies I throw my wicked evil middle finger to the skyChorusYou’re right about one thing Yeah I am a troublemaker And you can watch me rising high like a skyscraper Like a skyscraperYou’re just sorry that I’m here You wanna see me crawling But I don’t give a f*** ‘bout you these days I’m not sorry I am hereChorusNot sorry