april art head up high official music video

APRIL ART – HEAD UP HIGH (Official Music Video)

Official music video for “HEAD UP HIGH” by April Art

Directed and Edited by: Ben Juelg
DOP: Ben Juelg
Shot at the L.A. Live Style Cafe in Cham – Germany

Audio Produced by Ben Juelg
Co-Produced and arranged by April Art
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ben Juelg

HEAD UP HIGH is written by: April Art
Lisa-Marie Watz – Vocals
Chris Bunnell – Guitar
Julian Schuetze – Bass
Ben Juelg – Drums

Lyrics by: Lisa-Marie Watz


„Are you ready for the next fallout?“
Is what I ask myself, I ask myself tonight
But I won’t let that get me down
So here I am I’m ready for the fight

And the next round comes in 3 2 1

Oh I hold my head up high
My heart’s a Weapon in the sky
It’s raining bullets when I cry
Oh I hold my head up high
I walk through fire in the storm
When I’m all alone
Yeah, until the break of dawn

But I know
Yeah, me and my head are gonna lose control
Here we go, every time
We try to cling to the lifeline

How many more times will I go down this road?
How many more times will I face the overload?


The one and only thing
I get back up again
The path will be mine
Yes I’m here to rise up and shine