stellar circuits alchemy official music video


Directed by Erez Bader.


Dive in
Digging deep
Wander into a shine that fills your eyes
Reason’s not enough
Overwhelming odds
I’m ready
(Someone has to be)

Moving the needle slightly
It helps me go on
(On and on)
What’s left to say before you’re gone?
(Go on, go on)
Belief wasn’t wrong

Know if you want more
You don’t need a reason
Just make up your mind
(Wanting to be In front of it
Is too much this time)
And when it all goes away
That’s when they say
You stole it

But is there anybody out there?
I think it’s time to decide
To learn the secrets of a message
You read between the lines
Caught on a page
Your escape is a piece of fiction

I’ve been digging deep
And wondering what the cloud
Inside my mind’s protecting
Freezing tundras
No one’s ever crossed
I’m ready
Someone has to be
Moving this along
Fear is never gone
I know this
(I’m not gonna break down yet)
The last light left to find is in your eyes
Someone has to be

Moving the needle slightly
It helps me go on
My latest design
It leads me along