third planet agent of hope official music video

Agent of Hope – (Official Music Video)

Third Planet:
Bernáth Kornél
Jakus Dániel
Lévai Márton
Máté Sándor
Nagy Ágnes
Szigeti Máté

Drummer on record: Tasos Nikosz Vangelisz

Mix: Clint Murphy
Master: Sterling Sound Nashville by Ryan Smith
Assist in Lyrics: Fodor Léhn Tímea

Kovács Péter Joel

1st AC:
Csuka Levente

Jakus Lotti

Jakus Dániel

My past is gone
But please leave the lights on
While i'm steppin' out the sphere

I try moving on
The path is clear enough
An endless road with a view

Here we are now, yeah
No surrender, no surrender now

I'm claustrophobic
Out in the great universe
There's nowhere to hide

So I carry on
I'm a stranger to life
I hope i may belong

Here we are now, yeah
No surrender, no surrender now
Lets hit the stars now, jeah
I'm a contender, out in the space wildlife

I could journey deep dark caverns
Like my heart and like my soul
No worries i'm in charge
i'm the undercover agent of hope

And i leave the world i know
Cuz i believe in the great unknown
And for me there's a place to stay
I survive i won't walk away

Let's hit it the stars now, yeah
Let's hit it the stars
Let's hit it the stars

It's a wild ride and it's hard to believe it
Its so wild but i'm not gonna leave it
Nothing's all mine but i'm gonna keep it
The pain of my world and i owe it to feel it feel it