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Acid Rain – Official Video

Dino Jelusick – Vocals, Keyboards
Keller – Guitars
Luka Broderick – Bass
Mario Lepoglavec – Drums

Released by:
Escape Music Ltd.


“Acid Rain”

Fake preachers yelling at me
Thinkin’ that ill be reborn
The threats have stayed unheard

The skin was already torn
Before I came to the world
The story has been confirmed

Sail on, rise above
Maggots will be howling from the shadows
And cry for, little more, over and over, again and again

Once u feel that blood starts turning into acid rain
Run, cause God knows you will never be the same
Once it turns to acid…

Now you know that skin can easily reply
To the poison hidden from your eyes making you blind
Blind to all I know, so blind I can’t confess
It stings so hard I feel that my whole body is a swell
Please just let me out
Outta this hot brain
Cause my heart isn’t screaming for another dose of pain
I feel I’m on the edge, afraid of what is down
Afraid that these old wings ain’t strong enough to hold on