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About Us – “Fortitude” – Official Music Video

Taken from the album “Take A Piece”.

“Fortitude” Lyrics:

No more defence, fearless crying
No more desire, only feeling
I’m well advised, I’m on the crust
Bring out the worst, i strongly urge
I’ve done my part, now i stay in solace,
I strive.

When I’m lighting the dark room
Can hear all the voices.
Saying, I’ll be there.
You want my lonely state, you want my life
But i Let you go.

No more denying, ruthless fighting
No more defeat, only conquer
I’m here to strike, I’m in the mood
Summon the dark, no turning back
I wield the force, I’m in ataraxia
Huhhh…I win.

I say mindlessly as i break out to a new world
No seer can foresee what’s coming, (anymore)
To power and strength from Above
Now Everything is in control.

Produced By: About Us
Studio: Infinite Records, Kohima, Nagaland, India 797001
Recorded By: Yanthungbemo Ezong
Mixed By Moyuchen K Yanthan
Mastered By – Moyuchen K Yanthan

Band Members:
Sochan Kikon, Soren Kikon, Pon Kikon, Yanithung Lotha, Renlamo Lotha